Concealed Carry NOLA

NRA Certified & LSP Registered Instructors

Concealed Carry NOLA Home Security Inspection & Report

"Get your home inpected for home invasion weaknesses"

Can you objectively look at your home as a criminal would?

Do you know if your home is secure against potential attacks or buglary?.

CCNOLA will come to your home on your schedule and conduct a 23 point inspection of your home for potential areas of weakness in your home defense strategy. We will inpect your windows, doors, lighting, alarm system, and more to help you find ways to improve your homes security.

We will also supply you with a free report of how well your home is prepared against a "home invasion".

CCNOLA will also give you a free "Home Defense Checklist" so that you can improve your families home defense strategy.

Contact Dave Newman at 504-430-7409 to set up your home inspectioin appointment today!

Cost for CCNOLA Home Security Inspection & Report $100.00

Note: CCNOLA Home Security Inspections usually take about 1-2 hours depending on the size of your home. A fuel charge may apply if round tip is more than 40 miles.