Concealed Carry NOLA

NRA Certified & LSP Registered Instructors

CCNOLA Private 1 on 1 Instruction

Dedicated to teaching Knowledge, Skills & Attitude.

Sometimes a student will require that personal touch. Our Instructors will meet you at your home, office or the range for private one on one instruction in a variety of disciplines. I doesn't matter what skill you need help with our instructors will are NRA Certified and insured. Just contact one of our instructors to arrange an appointment that makes sense for your busy schedule.

Cost for private one on one instruction: $35.00 per hour ($15 per each additional person per hour)

Note: One hour minimum. Any time over one hour will be calculated based on the hourly rate.

Rates do not include range fees, gun rental or ammo. Travel time may apply if you live outside the greater New Orleans area.

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