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Shopping For A Concealed Handgun Course?

You should read the following before you make your decision.

1. If you call to inquire about a concealed handgun permit course and you are told that the total price "including everything" is under $200 you should be skeptical. The fee for a 5 year permit is $125 and $500 for a lifetime permit. That fee is paid to the "Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections". If you are quoted a total price for the whole process of under $200, I would bet that they are not including the fee for the permit. Note: Veterans and seniors 65 and older only pay 1/2 price for the permit fee.

2. Passport photos are no longer required. The state police will use your drivers license or Louisiana ID picture for your permit photo.

3. Notary is now optional. You are only required to get the 3 affidavit pages notarized if you plan on mailing in your application. If you use the online application portal you no longer need to pay for notary services.

Online application link:

4. You no longer need to get a certified check or money order for the permit fee. You can now pay with a credit card. If you use the online portal for the application you will receive an email form the Louisiana Sate Police Concealed Handgun Unit when all of your documents have been accepted. This email will contain a link to make payment online.

5. Mailing in your application is the slowest way to get your permit. I have had students get their permit in as little as 14 days if they use the online portal for the application and get their fingerprints taken at the Louisiana State Police Concealed handgun Units office. They only charge $10 for prints, and the processing of the application will begin that day.

Address for fingerprints:

Louisiana State Police Concealed Handgun Unit

7919 Independence Blvd.

Baton Rouge, LA. 70806

Open Monday thru Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

6. If you must mail in your application ink fingerprints DO NOT always survive the mailing process. It is our suggestion that you get digital prints if you can not make it to Baton Rouge to get your fingerprints taken at the LSP Concealed Handgun Units office.

7. Not all classes are the same. Some instructors only teach the Basic Pistol Course without covering all the legal aspects of the use of deadly force. It is our contention that it is just as important to know when you cannot use your firearm as it is to know how to use your firearm. You will also learn about where you cannot carry your firearm, duties of permittees, what you should do if you plan to carry your gun in another state that recognizes your permit, and much more.

8. While it is not required we offer our students a chance to do a "defensive shooting drill" after they finish the standard range qualification. This will give student a taste of what a more advanced pistol class will cover. It will also show that you must work on additional skills if you plan to be ready for a true life threatening situation.

In closing I would like to say that your training for a concealed handgun permit is very important. Your goal in carrying a firearm for self defense is to not only stay alive through a life threatening encounter but to also stay out of the courtroom. Be sure you arm yourself with knowledge before you make a decision about which class you will attend.

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